Plants can make any property feel like a home. Once you have already spent years or months maintaining your plants. It could be stressful to even consider to just give them away or leave them behind when you move. Fortunately, you can actually move your plants, however, it will need some planning. Here are some of the helpful tips on moving your plants to your new place: 

Outdoor plants 

Outdoor plants could be a bit challenging to move. Hence, you must thoroughly think about this before you begin to do this. Although once the process gets too complex, it might be way simpler to leave particular plants behind your old place.  

Before moving your larger plants, it would be a wise idea to trim them back. With this, you allow them to be moved and can aid them with regrowth once you replant them at your new home. Moreover, they must be properly watered before you start the process to guarantee that the soil and roots will stay moist during the process of moving. Then, you will need to dig up your plants to ensure that you leave plenty of dirt all over the roots and to keep most of the roots as you can. 

For tiny plants, the dirt and roots could be put in paper bags. Paper bags are a lot safer than placing them in plastics since it enables the plants to breathe. For shrubs and larger plant trees, you need to wrap the root balls in burlap to contain everything together. Plants could be wrapped in this manner for a couple of weeks. But make sure that you keep on watering them and do not expose them to sunlight for too long. This is a way for you to prepare this in advance. 

House plants 

The easiest plants to move are the small ones because you could keep them in their original pots and you only need to put them in an open box to be transported. Make sure to fill the gaps in the box using paper to stop the plants from being moved around often once you’re in the process of moving. 

Remember that a lot of moving companies cannot transport plants. Hence, it would be best if you come up with a plan in advance to move them into a different automobile with you. Moreover, this is greater for the plants because you can attempt to control the temperature and satisfy them all throughout the moving process. 

Before you move larger houseplants, you might require to prune or trim them first. Once it’s cold outside during your moving schedule, you should keep your plants warm and protect them by wrapping them in newspapers. Note that there are several types of plants that are a bit sensitive to fluctuating temperatures. Hence, you should keep them as stable as you can. 

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